Days 3 & 4

As promised I got to do my treadmill workout yesterday (day 3)! It was much more difficult than I expected! I had to modify it some but I’m going to try it again after the 30 days and see if I can do it exactly as prescribed.

This is the attempted workout. I started with a minute at 4mph and a minute at 5mph before I went into the 5 minutes at 6mph. Then I kept it on 5 incline until I got through the 5.5mph minute. At that point I continued to increase the incline by one on each 3mph minute; so I ended at an incline of 10. Like I said this was more difficult than I expected. I thought since it never went over 6.5mph and each segment was only a minute long it would not be very difficult….I was wrong! I’m going to work up to it though, and can’t wait to try it again after these 30 days. Finally I of course finished it off with my 3 burpees and called it a day.

Day 4…I was feeling it today. I was sore yesterday, but REALLY woke up tight today! I decided to tone it down a littttttle bit and did some Pilates. I thought it would be a good way to get my workout in while also stretching! The thing I like about this video is that there are 5 different 10 minute segments that you can mix and match in any order to create your own workout. You select the segments you want to do, in the order you want to do them, and they will play seamlessly as selected. Since my legs were still screaming at me from the past few days, I did Pilates for Abs, Sculpting Pilates (for arms and shoulders) and Pilates Burn. Pilates Burn was supposed to be a more cardio focused version of Pilates; however, it felt like Pilates for legs to me! Overall a good workout, but it was definitely more low key than some of my previous ones! I almost forgot my 4 burpees today; but never to fear, I did them right before I started this post!

Two good days! I’ve been enjoying a short vacation from work so far this week, but it’s back to the grind tomorrow. Thus, it will pry be an early morning at the gym rather than an at home workout tomorrow. I’ve got something in mind though. 😉