Thanks to my seesta…

I took attempted a Step class at Fitclub this morning. Surrounded by 5 people my elder by at least 35 years, I was ready to rock and roll. Well about 7 minutes in and I knew I was out of my league! These people have to take that class daily and I was making a fool of myself! After the class was over the only man in the room (who, by the way, was pushing 80 for sure) said, “Hey, you did a great job! These moves are hard to get down; but you kept moving the whole time, that’s what counts!” Thank your for your sympathy compliment my man, my ego could use a boost at this point! But really!? The instructor yells out “Charleston” and I’m just supposed to know that means “step to the corner, kick up the opposite leg, step back down to the kicking leg, then step back the original leg into a lunge…repeat to the other corner”!? Apparently you need to take a crash course in step lingo before taking a step class! So thank you my dear sister for your recommendation; you only wish you were a fly on that wall!

Clearly after my embarrassment, I was looking for an ego boost that could not be supplied by a cute lil, pro-step, 80 year old. Thus I did 15 reps @ 80 lbs of inner and outer thighs twice through, 15 reps @ 80 lbs rows, 15 reps @ 80 lbs chest press, 15 reps @ 80 lbs tricep pushdowns, and then 15 reps @ 100 lbs leg extensions. Not too bad for a quick little followup to my stepping experience. 🙂

And no, I did not forget my 11 Burpees! Happy Wednesday everyone!