Ocho y Nueve

Day 8…oh day eight. For some ungodly reason I was possessed to do pushups today. Ok, so I know I said I hate weightlifting and I said I hate burpees…..but I really, REALLY hate pushups! Did I mention I can BARELY do one real pushup!? Anyway I knew I wanted to punish my arms and apparently, I thought this would be the way to do it. Thus the googling began. I was amazed by the plethora of pushup styles google had to offer! I chose 8 that I thought I would be able to do and went for it:

Feet Elevated, Wide Grip, Diamond, Fingertip, Elevated, Hindu, Pike and Side to Side

I did 8 of each 2 times through. Mine did not look as pretty as the ones in the videos, I guarantee! Anyhow, I don’t know at what point I thought, “Hmm I don’t think my arms reallllllllly pushed themselves enough today,” but I continued to go downstairs and do a few more lifts with my 5 pound weights. I did 15 bicep curls, 15 tricep kickbacks, 15 reverse flies, 15 seated shoulder presses, 15 lat raises, and then 15 more bicep curls. Luckily, I did my 8 burpees at the beginning of the workout! And breath. Day 8, finished.

Check out this video I found when googling pushups…CRAZY!

Day 9….Let me start by saying I could not even wash my hands when I woke up this morning because my triceps and chest hurt so bad I couldn’t press my hands together with enough pressure to ‘scrub’. It was awful. But a good kind of awful? Maybe. Anyway I got up early this a.m. and hit the gym, Gold’s Gym, for spinning. It was a good class; I’ve heard that Lauren, one of the other instructors (who by the way is AWESOME, especially if you’re looking for a happy-go-lucky force of nature to whip your behind into shape!), is more difficult than the one I took the class with this morning so I’m excited to take it with her as well. Came home, knocked out my 9 Burpees, and day nine is behind me.

Still on the fence about what to do tomorrow….suggestions?