Retired….also known as unemployed…but I prefer the former.

Truly, I believe that we have it all backwards. We should be retired when we’re young and work when we’re old. I mean really, what better am I going to have to do when I’m old, might as well work. Now…now I don’t want to work, I want to live!

Ok so maybe my past week+ hasn’t been THAT exciting, but when’s the last time you roller bladed, ice deli-ed…twice, planted a garden (or garden to be), biked, walked with friends, ate-drank-and-sunned at the golf course in the middle of the day, cleared out your DVR, played with fun little kids, grilled out, ran a 5k blinged out in glitter and fake diamonds, went to a Cardinals game, made chocolate pancakes, facebooked-pinterested-and-buzzfed, ate straight out of the ice cream carton, got your hair did, watched a storm roll in, country cruised, did no laundry, and had back to back lunch dates with family…all in a matter of 10 massively unproductive days!? I mean honestly, I could get used to this!! Ya, so maybe I haven’t mastered this ‘work from home’ thing yet…but I’ve always been a procrastinator right!?


10 days in…

Again today, I apologize for the lack of creativity in my workout but it was 55 and sunny out today…GORGEOUS!! So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the weather. Me and my Boo went for a run in the park. We ran 1.25 miles and the sun was starting to go down but Boo was not having it. She wanted to walk more, so we walked another mile+. I mean who can say no to this face!?

And of course 10 burpees…check. 🙂

Another good day!