New Years…

2012. It came so fast; although, I feel like I’m beginning to say that every year. Does this mean I’m getting old? Anyhow, I wanted to try something new this year; I’m looking for something different in my life. So what better time than New Years for resolutions!? As I was brainstorming about all the changes I’d like to make in 2012, I was somewhat overwhelmed by my pathetic list: lose weight, make new friends, save more money…completely unoriginal, I know. But I also wanted something different, something new and exciting, something to look forward to and dedicate my oodles of spare time to. Ok, that last one was a little sarcastic. Nonetheless, my blog idea was born: 30 things in 30 days. I know it sounds vague right. Well each month(ish) I want to try something knew. I want to dedicate 30 days to something. So here it goes. [Hopefully] you will have a daily post to read about the ‘thing’ I did that day. In light of my previously stated, boring and unoriginal resolutions; I’m going to start January with 30 workouts in 30 days. I generally enjoy working out; however, I have most certainly fell off that wagon, so to speak, over the past 6 months or more. So for each of the next 30 days I’m going to try a different workout. I know it sounds boring, but I promise to do my best to spruce it up. While I thoroughly enjoy running and biking, I despise weights. So I promise at least one of my 30 days will be dedicated to ::gasp:: weightlifting. However, I’m hoping to get even more exciting than that! I know, you can’t hardly contain yourself! Also on the ‘workouts to try list’: boxing, rock climbing, and who knows maybe even belly dancing(?). I admittedly lack in creativity so please feel free to throw me some ideas! Also, I’m welcoming any ideas for future month’s endeavors!

So goodbye 2011 and hello 2012. Here’s to trying something new, learning a lot, and having a lil fun along the way.