Music Makes the World Go Round

Today I’m thankful for music. Music has a way of speaking to us and for us. It has the ability to change my mood in an instant. I remember when I was applying for my grad program, one of the interview questions was, “If your life were a movie, what kind of movie would it be?” I was really unsure how to answer that question, but immediately I knew my movie would have a rockin soundtrack….which is exactly what I told them in the interview! 🙂

Adele has been often on my playlist lately. Love that girl! Also into The Lumineers, Jack Johnson, and a number of girl power country songs right now. Although my music mood has a tendency to change as often of the weather in Central Illinois.


26, 27, 28, 29 and the Big 3-0!

Day 26 was a great day. For those of you who don’t know me, I bleed red. Cardinal Red to be precise. Baseball season is my favorite time of year and Busch Stadium is my Heaven on Earth! There is hands down NOTHING in this world better to me than Busch Stadium on a Friday night…or Saturday night….or Sunday…ok, anytime on any day really. Give me a red stadium chair and plate of nachos and you have my heart. The sights, sounds, and smells of a ballpark are unbeatable and the excitement in the air at Busch is the meaning of true happiness. So what is this rant about, you ask!? Tickets. Beautiful, wonderful, Cardinal tickets. Two pair to be exact. Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 Spring Training has started, Yadi has been re-signed, and my confidence in my ability to make it to opening day without dying from excited anticipation has been renewed. Life is good. And the countdown resumes…43 days ❤


Day 27 I was clearly still feeling the effects of my high on baseball. And thank you to for enabling my addiction. Let me be clear, I love anything Cardinals. My Christmas tree this year? All STL Cardinals. My closet? 70% Cardinals. My bookshelf? Littered with Cardinals. My heart and soul? You guessed it…belongs to The STL Cardinals. So it becomes difficult for me at times to find NEW, fun Cardinals stuff. Enter: They have all kinds of fun, random, unique Cardinal gear. So two keychains, one window cling, a puzzle, a magnetic chip clip, one red, cardinals teddybear, and a box of these AWESOME drink umbrellas later, I felt satiated for the evening.  So excited; plus, these drink umbrellas are going to be perfect for my Opening Day party (right Katie!?). Be there or be a cubs fan (and trust me, no one wants that!).


I decided on day 28 to take a break from the anticipation of baseball season (though not for long ;)) and buy some music. The Market (for those of you android users) was having a mega-sale on some awesome albums. Truly, no one could rightfully pass these up. I got Own The Night (Lady Antebellum), Born This Way (Lady Gaga), Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) and The Band Perry (by, yes, The Band Perry) for $2.99 each. That’s right, 57 songs for $11.96! Score! I was verrrrrrry happy with my purchase! 🙂


Day 29 was a little bit of a splurge, but it was totally warranted! ::guilty-not-so-convinced-face:: I got a flyer in the mail for a free Victoria’s Secret weekender bag with a $75 purchase. I do believe we have already discussed my Vic Sec addiction; but in case it was unclear, I’m addicted. They have giveaway bags like this once or twice a year and it truly is an AMAZING deal. I have a few of them that I use all the time! But this one, it was like an actual luggage bag! Retails for like $87! Okay, enticing right!? But the kicker is that I have been OGLING this Vic Sec zippy for weeks, but it’s a $75 jacket and I couldn’t ever quite pull the trigger. Um, coincidence–Jacket costs $75, Spend $75 get this awesome, free bag!? Done deal! Ya, marketing totally got me on that one…Eh, I’ve made worse decisions! Trust me, I didn’t lose any sleep over it…unless you consider that which was lost in anticipation of its arrival!


And finally The big 3-0…er the second 3-0…the big 6-0? Anyhow, Day 30…well let’s just say I couldn’t keep my mind off baseball season for that long. I have been anxiously awaiting February 29th for some time now. “Why?” you ask…because today is the day the ap gods release MLB At Bat 2012. I have been feeding my addiction on the sporadically posted, post season updates on MLB At Bat 2011; but alas the day has come for the 2012 new release. Thank you ap gods. For those of you out in the blogosphere who love baseball, this ap is THE ap to have. It’s $15; but trust me, worth every penny! It has it all from live pitch by pitch animation to video highlights, schedules, stats and news articles to live audio of every game, plus ticket purchasing capabilities and more! Truly the mecca for baseball on your smartphone.


Wow!! I have been soooo spoiled this month! But, I must admit, it’s been fun! Looking forward to a new adventure…and the fact that March has 30 days in it so Day 1 will actually be the first, and so on (so much less confusing!). Happy leap year everyone! Stay tuned! 🙂

On the 4th day of birthday gifts…

Boyce Avenue.

Enough Said. 🙂

I have been wanting this CD forrrrrever. ((It’s Boyce Avenue New Acoustic Sessions, Vol 2 in case you can’t see in the pic)) But it is only available in an mp3 download. I’ve been debating over this since pre-Christmas days because I LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice and covers; but I really want to be able to listen to it in my car and it is such a hassle to have to download it, transfer it, burn it, etc. If you haven’t heard them before watch below. Like now. Seriously, I’ll wait. Go ahead….::whistlingWAITINGwhistling::

See?? I was right, huh…Amazing! So finally, I decided to go ahead and buy the full album in an mp3. The great thing? I figured out how to get it on my computer, kindle, AND phone all without a mess of cables, transferring, time, etc. Oh, technology these days!

One happy girl…