To Great Friends…

Tonight, we went out to celebrate the end of the semester. It has been a long one, and the hardest of my educational career. Yet, I will be a lil sad to see it go. I made some amazing friends this semester and got to know a group of girls who have helped me through a lot. We’ve all faced turning points in all our lives this semester; and I for one, would not have made it through without them. Tonight was a night to celebrate.


a lot of catching up to do…

Allow me to apologize for slacking in blog updates! I have an entire week of gifts to brag about!! So let’s get started…

Day 12. For my birthday a dear friend and I went to Chicago. On Friday we spoiled ourselves with facials and manicures! It was so relaxing; especially after my massage the previous day. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pampered! After our spa time and checking into the hotel we went out for an amazing Fondue dinner. Neither of us had ever been to a fondue restaurant; and let me tell you, I’m glad there are not a surplus of them in the Springfield area, because I would honestly want to go every night! We had a cheddar cheese fondue appetizer with bread, apples, and veggies; soybean oil dinner fondue with beef, chicken, potatoes, and veggies + tons of different dipping sauces; and of course a chocolate fudge fondue dessert with a platter full of fresh fruit, graham crackers, angel food cake, marshmallows, and tons and tons more! It was sooo good! The facial was my intended gift to myself but between that and the fondue, I really spoiled myself that day!

Day 13 started with a gift bright and early! Enter: GIANT WHOOPIE PIE! This was my breakfast and close to the only thing I ate the entire day! It took me about 3 hours to finish, it was sooo big and rich and delicious! Plus it was vegan so thatkindameans healthy right!? 🙂 YUM!

Day 14 I was perusing etsy (bad idea!) and came across this awesome scarf:

I told you I was obsessed with scarves, and yes I already have two red scarves at home but they arevery different from this one! Plus, can’t you just see me wearing this to numerous Cardinal games this summer!? I can. It’s perfect!


Day 15, the big Valentine’s day. Such an interesting holiday it is. I love reading facebook on Vday, there is always a very entertaining spread of pro vs. anti- VDay comments. One of my favs: “just woke up to my children and wife making me heart shaped pancackes. fighting back the tears in front of them, I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better.” Ok, so I’m not one for vday, romance is not high on my list this year; but I’m still a sap at heart and it touches me to see old friends happy! 🙂 So, I ‘romanced’ myself this year with one of my favorite Valentine’s Day treat…chocolate covered strawberries. Ok, so really that’s one of my favorite anytime treats!

Moving on to Day 16. I took my Kindle with me to Chicago this weekend, and I realized how badly I needed to get a case for it. So I found this super cute one on Etsy (It’s almost as addictive as pinterest, but it costs you money…don’t start!). The outside is all that bright paisley pattern. Plus, the fabric and stuffing is wrapped around a plastic piece so it offers some safety too. Pretty excited! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, Day 17. I discovered something very exciting a couple weeks ago at a trivia night I did; and I have been waiting to try it ever since. Allow me to introduce you to Pink Moscato. No you did not read that wrong…moscato that is pink! I was thrilled! I love moscato and obviously I love pink! How can it get any better!? I’m really not sure that it tastes any different. It’s very possible that the brilliant marketing minds decided to add dye to my moscato and increase the price. And I’m ok with that! I am going to enjoy my pink moscato with a smile! I’ll let you know if it tastes different!

Wow it has been an exciting week! I am going to try to promise myself no more food gifts! I’m getting my diet back on track after this week!!! I can’t believe another 30 days is over halfway gone! 13 more days of gifts and then I will have to come up with another idea! I should start thinking on that now! 🙂 Happy weekend everyone! I promise not to wait until next week to post again! ❤

Day 2 & 3

On the second day of my birthday celebration I treated myself to this UH-MAZING fruit tray from Schnucks. I know it probably sounds super boring, but I LOVE fruit! And I eye these delicious fruit trays every time I’m in there, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to spend the money. I mean don’t get me wrong it is FULL of yummy, fresh, pre-cut, juicy, ready-to-pop-in-your-mouth fruit, but $13!? I could buy a whole cart-full of all those fruits for that much; granted, I would have to wash, peel, slice and dice them all myself. So in the spirit of birthday gifts, I decided to spend the moola and finally buy myself this beauty! And boy did I enjoy it!! ((Yes, that is a delicious, cream cheese + marshmallow fruit dip smack dab in the middle of my tray; or so I’m told. I refrained. I’m still not cheating from my diet until my real birthday. At which point, I fully intend to CHEAT to the full extent of the word! More on that to come.))

Day 3, Ohhhhh Day 3. What a day this was. Those of you who know me, know I don’t drink. Like literally, I can count on less than one hand the number of times I drink in a year. But for today’s gift to myself, I’m going straight for that bad-day cliche: I need a drink. After all, it’s 5 O’clock somewhere….So tonight at Xochimilco, with a big group of dear friends (who need to get together WAY more often) I treated myself to a frozen, peach margarita. And for the record…I’m not counting it as a cheat from my diet! 🙂