The last day of this 30 days was my buddy Jake’s birthday. Jake is one of those friends who you just can’t help but have a good time with. He is so laid back and just an all around fun guy. And one of my favorite things about Jake is how un-judgmental he is. He is nice to everyone and will instantly make you feel comfortable and welcomed.  Plus, he’s hilarious! Today was his birthday so I got him what every guy wants for their birthday….a hot girl. Or, at least a picture of one…the card had some Hawaiian Bikini model wishing him big coconuts. 🙂 Happy Birthday Buddy!


Big Phil

One of the most entertaining jobs I have ever had was when I worked at Applebee’s. I think most people hate food service jobs, and I tend to agree. But the people I worked with at Applebee’s made that job…well never boring, that’s for sure! Phil was the coolest line cook on the planet and nights that I worked with him were the best nights ever!  I got him this card that was completely pointless, but for whatever reason as soon as I saw it I thought of him and it had to be done. I think one of the things I miss most about Phil is his loving nicknames. No one else could call me a nerd and mean it with such endearment. But more than that, he had nicknames for all the servers, perhaps he just couldn’t remember half their real names; but regardless of the reason, it was like home when  you walked in and heard Phil’s quiet, deep, soothing voice booming your beloved nickname. Oh Phil, I miss you!

My Favorite Couple in the Whole Wide World

Oh, Joe and Brandy. Where to even start….let me tell you that Joe and Brandy are fo sho the two coolest people I know. AND they love TwistNSwirlz as much as I do, so we have frequent TwistNSwirlz dates ((though, not frequent enough…hint, hint!))  I met Joe when I started working at my current job and he eventually I got to meet his AWESOME fiancé, Brandy. We were instant BFFs, at least in my opinion lol. Joe and I like to share baked goodies, which is awesome! Plus, they are Cardinals fans…’nuff said!

These two love birds are getting married in June and I can’t wait to share their special day with them! They are so cool, they got a fun, homemade with love by KRibley card! It was Carebears because I love Carebears and so does Joe, “the man’s man”, even if he won’t admit it!

Kimmy K

Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy. I’m so glad I work with this girl. She is hands down the funniest person I know! ((Again, especially when you get her and Sam together…see Day 19)) If you ever meet Kim, be prepared to laugh! She makes my job so much more entertaining and I’m pretty sure it would suck without her! On top of that Kim is the kind of person who would do literally anything for her friends and family.  Basically, she’s a pretty cool cat! So, I got her a Hairy Buttocks birthday card! Trust me, it was very fitting….not because she has a hairy butt….just because of her sense of humor….lol oh, boy. I think that’s enough for now. I ❤ you Kimmy! 🙂

Birthday Girl

Sam loves Criminal Minds, she loves the Cardinals, she likes Tom Petty, she’s addicted to Victoria’s Secret and she hates peas….so basically we have the same soul. 🙂 And this girl makes me laugh like no other, especially when you get her and Kim together (see day 23).  She got a fun card on her birthday. I actually completely forgot to sign it and seal it and everything. I grabbed it when I left the house the morning of her birthday with intentions to sign it and everything when I got to work; but it completely slipped my mind. So I hand her the card and she starts cracking up laughing…now it was a funny card, but not that funny. So I’m giving her my what-are-you-laughing-about look (she gets that one often) and then I realize I forgot to sign the card, seal the envelope, and address the card to her. OOPS 🙂 Nonetheless, wishing you a VERY, happy birthday Sam!

From One Best Friend to Another…

Sammy Lynn is absolutely my bff. She is always there for me and I love her for that. We have so much fun whenever we hang out together and I just truly adore this girl! I’m sure I could tell you a number of HILARIOUS stories about Sammy and I, but I think the pictures can speak for themselves on this one too…

❤ this girl!!

Joy, Joy, Joy…

Oh, Joy. This woman makes me smile all the time. She is sweet and funny and caring. And she makes my job so much happier! She makes my life happier. Unfortunately there aren’t really words to describe Joy and the kind of person she is….so this time, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Adam & Duane <3

I mentioned in a previous post a job I used to have at which I loved each and every one of my co-workers. One of those co-workers was this guy Adam. He is one of the most amazingly caring, kind-hearted, generous guys you will ever meet! He and his boyfriend Duane are two friends that I am more than blessed to have! They are the kind of people that would literally give you the shirt off their back and I wish that time hadn’t torn us so far apart. I sent them this super fun, musical, ‘I miss you’ card. AND almost like magic, I saw them both the next weekend! Literally, I hadn’t seen either of them in over a year and just like that….POOF! They were there. It was so nice and we promised to make plans soon. I ❤ you guys!

Girl’s Night Out

I work in a very close quarters kinda job. There are just four of us and up until about a month ago it had been the same four of us girls for over a year. Now to say we fight like sisters might be putting it lightly but we also care for each other like sisters. Those girls are all amazing and I love them dearly. One of them got a promotion and had to leave our lil home sweet home and we all more than miss her like crazy!! We were in serious need of a gir’ls night so I sent her a card letting her know how much I care about her and how much I miss her awesome self. And I begged her for a girl’s night pronto! Well it worked; so the following week we all went out for karaoke night at Applebee’s! 🙂 While we didn’t partake in karaoke, we had a great time drinking wine and girl-talking!

And I’d say we’re about due for another girl’s night out!!

Weddings ::sigh::

Yea, so I’m a girl. Thus, I love weddings. I don’t know what to tell you, it’s just a part of our DNA. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the getting dressed up part; but I love going and seeing all the little details that mean so much to the couple (or the bride at least). And people watching. And seeing the face on the groom as he walks down the isle to his bride. And on and on and on.

My friend Renee got married to a super kind guy named Brett. Brett has two of the cutest little boys you’ve ever seen and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when his oldest gave the best man speech. He was specifically sure to note, in his undeniably cute lil boy voice, how they [he and his lil bro] love Renee because she cooks them breakfast. Awwwwe!

Anyway I couldn’t be happier for Renee. Brett and his sons are three lucky boys!! I wish them all the best. And I told them exactly that in their card.

Congratulations Brett and Renee!