Days 20-25

This has been a fun week of gifts.

Starting with day 20. As most of you know I did the Fight for Air Climb this weekend. It was a ton of fun and I didn’t do awful either. One of the people on my team had this super cool ‘shoe wallet’, which is perfect for anyone who likes to run, bike, or really anything that makes carrying keys, etc difficult. So naturally, I had to have one! It is this small ‘tote’ that hooks onto your shoe laces and is just big enough for a key or two, ID, debit card, etc.

This picture is just so you can see what it actually looks like on a shoe...

...I obviously got this super cool Nike, Livestrong one!







Moving on to day 21…I guess I was on a theme here because when I found my shoe wallet yesterday, I came across this Livestrong sweatshirt. I was still thinking about it the next day, so I decided it would become my day 21 gift. It’s funny because I really am not even that big of a fan of yellow, but its a great brand/cause and a little pop of color will do me good [just ask my sister!]. Plus, it’s really comfy!

Day 22 I was still in this building-my-workout-wardrobe mood apparently, because I decided (again, thanks in part to my climb teammates) that I had to have a sweet watch for my workouts. Now, in my defense I have been wanting a ‘workout watch’ for sometime, but I the ones I bought in the past are the cheap, what I like to call: disposable, kind that last for about a month before the battery dies and you can do nothing to replace it; eventually throwing it away and buying another one. So I went in search [online] of a fun, not disposable, workout watch. I found a couple that I liked; but then…enter Puma watch. Ah, puma. I don’t know what my obsession is, but I have this weakness for anything Puma! I debated for a good hour {while watching glee!} on whether or not to spend nearly double the money on this Puma watch that I had so quickly come to love. Well, needless to say, money lost & Puma won!

Moving on to day 23, my favorite, local radio station plays a game called taboo every Wednesday. For those of you who have never heard of taboo, it’s a game in which you must get your partner to guess as many words as possible in a certain amount of time by describing them without using the specified ‘taboo’ words. So for example, I pull a card and my word is “Mistletoe”. Below the word Mistletoe would be a list of 5 ‘taboo’ words, such as: Christmas, plant, kiss, under, and hang. So, I have to describe my word (mistletoe) to my partner without using any of those taboo words. I love, LOVE word games-of any kind, so this is right up my alley. I actually went in search of Catch Phrase (one of my most favorite games EVER); but decided on Taboo because I have hardly ever played it, but love listening and playing along on the radio! I’m very excited to play! Game night anyone!?

Day 24…well, so much for no more food gifts! Oops. I had (yes, had!) to get this smoothie from Panera. I’m not sure why, but it was just screaming my name! It is an Orange Cranberry smoothie with Ginseng. Honestly, nothing about that sounds like something I would like. I’m not a huge orange fan (especially as far as flavors go) and I hate everything cranberry; but for some reason, it was calling my name. And who couldn’t use a lil extra ginseng now and then!? So I got it; and boy was I more than pleasantly surprised! I loved it! I’m sure it was fulllll of sugar; but if it weren’t for that, I would honestly get this all the time! It was so good and a perfect morning pick-me-up! You can’t deny it, it even looks delicious in the picture!

(Note the way cool phone cover!)

Finally, Day 25. I went to Twist N Swirlz (yes one of my fav places!) with one of my fav people after work today! I got (because I know you’re dying to know) a sugar free vanilla with fresh strawberries and hot fudge! Mmmm! But that was not even my gift to myself (don’t worry I wouldn’t do the same gift two different days!); I went primarily for the AWE-some shirts they sell! Cuppy (at least that is what I named him) is the Twist N Swirlz mascot and now I can appropriately represent with him front and center on my new White T. Oh Cuppy, you are so cool! (baha! knee slapper! ;)) And not only did I get an amazing shirt AND delicious fro-yo (I know what you’re thinking: What more could there possibly be!?), but I learned something way cool! Straight from the mouth…well okay repeated, straight from the mouth…of a real-life ice cream aficionado: did you know, vanilla ice cream that is more yellow-ish in color actually has better flavor than its white counterparts!? It’s because the yellow-ish one is more concentrated with vanilla as compared to the weaker flavored competition. Makes sense right!? Well if my yellow-tinted frozen yogurt was any indication, this is truth people!

Another week of awesome gifts…and another day closer to the big 3-0! Still looking for my perfect plan for the next 30 days…suggestions people!


23, 24, 25, & 26

Monday I was overcome by the need to run stairs. I’m getting anxious about finishing the Fight for Air Climb in a decent time. So I ran up and down 20 flights of stairs (they were flights of 14–not quite as many as the Hilton flights). So up 280 steps and down 280 steps. It was one flight that I was continuously going up and down, then back up and down, and so on. Let me tell you, it is MUCH easier to go up after you’ve gone down! I was able to run up and down all 20 flights that I did without stopping or using the hand rail. I don’t think I could have run up 5 flights at the Hilton without the handrail or stopping! I’m convinced being able to go down and somewhat disengage your muscles, if you will, makes all the difference.

Tuesday was a long day; and I overslept. Thus, Tuesday night was a long night! I did a quick workout but not to say an easy one. It was another pinterest find:

Now if only I looked like that when I did it! haha. Again, it was a late night workout after a very long day so I only did it once through. In a more typical workout, I would add an ab circuit at the end and do it at least 3 times through.

Wednesday I got to do a new kettlebell workout! I was very exciting! I love working with kettlebells! They are so simple, anyone at any fitness level can benefit from kettlebells; plus, they are fun to swing around! I have the Bob Harper GoFit Kettlebell in 10 lbs. These kettlebells all come with a video, which is the workout I did. It was a good workout but I’m currently scouring the internet for something a little more challenging.

Finally today…I took the BodyPump class at Gold’s Gym. I have taken this class in the past and I really enjoy it! It is a GREAT full body workout perfect for guys or girls at any level. It is a weight lifting workout so you can use as much or as little weight as you like. My shoulders are already sore so I’m sure I’m going to be feeling it! After body pump I cooled down with a very short cardio burst. I did three laps on the track, again sprinting the long sides and walking the short ends.

All in all a good week so far!! AND of course, I did 23, 24, 25 & 26 burpees. Let me tell you…SO OVER BURPEES! Only four days to go….

Days 13 & 14


Oh Ab Ripper X, the way you make my abs burn!

First off, let me say that my legs were still way sore from the elliptical, lunges, and squats. So 13 burpees were not easy! But I got them out of the way first! I decided that after my pushup workout and the leg workout, I was ready to make my abs feel the pain. And boy did I accomplish that! I believe I said this in a previous post, but “thank you Tony Horton!” I’ll tell ya, that man is a workout beast. If ever you are looking for a good, quick ab workout, just youtube P90X Ab Ripper. It’s only 16 minutes–11 moves, 25 reps of each–but don’t be fooled! It’s killer. I am however starting to believe there are abs under there somewhere! 🙂

Day 14….As I stated in a previous post I’m doing the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb in February. ((Insert Selfish Plug here: Donate on my behalf here!!)) 🙂 They had a practice climb at the Hilton this morning so a couple teammates and I went to try it out. BOY OH BOY was I glad I went! I was grossly underestimating the difficulty level of climbing 32 flights of stairs! Now no excuses, but let me just note that my legs are still way sore from Thursday’s workout! So we get there and do a little warm-up of ::drumroll:: MORE LUNGES! Plus, alligator crawls, high knees, butt kicks, etc. So after the warm-up wore me out (ha!) we went for the first trial run. We were just going for 15 flights. I think I was tired after 3. lol. I made it to the 15th floor stopping twice for about 30 seconds. So rode the elevator back to the basement, got a drink, caught our breath, and…went again! UGH! The second time we just wanted to see how far we could make it up. So we went all out and all made it to the top. I again stopped twice probably for about 45 seconds to a minute each time this time. But nonetheless 32 flights I conquered! And for the record, 32 flights on a stair master in NO way equates to 32 flights at the Hilton!  It felt good though and it was a great experience! Now I know exactly how much training I still have left to do in the next 5-ish weeks! Cardio, here I come! It was a great workout! Plus, then I came home and still got to struggle through 14 burpees!! Yippee!

Hope everyone out there in Blogland has a fabulous 3 day weekend! I’m looking forward to my halfway point tomorrow!!

Day 5

Today was a good day. I did a cardio day to follow my light day yesterday. My original plan was to hit Fitclub and spend my time on the stair master. In a little over a month I will be doing the Fight for Air Climb at the Hilton….32 flights of stairs as quickly as possible. ((Selfish Plug: Donate here on my behalf! 🙂 Thanks!)) So I figured that the stair master would be some good practice. I was actually surprised by the ease with which I climbed 32 flights…or at least stair master ‘flights’. I’m not sure how they equate to real flights. I was done with 32 flights in 10 minutes without putting a lot of effort into it. My legs were sore, don’t get me wrong, but I was not strained cardio-wise. Since I finished 32 flights much quicker than expected I decided to go to the stationary bike. I did 10 minutes there before I got bored (ya, I’m workout ADD) so I decided to make it a circuit. I moved on to 10 minutes on the treadmill and did a shortened version of the previous treadmill workout. I felt good afterwards and it was a fun variety. I got a good workout in but it didn’t ever feel too hard. And of course wrapped it up with 5 burpees! Thank you and good night.