Days 5, 6, 7, & 8

Oh blog how I’ve missed you! My internet has been down for way too long. Not good when you are taking an online class….but I’ll get to that later ((I have four whole days to catch up on!!)! 😉

Starting with dia cinco de Cumpleanos. ((That’s all I got. I don’t know ‘gift’ in Spanish.)) I actually got doubled up on gifts this day! I got to go to the Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean concert-which was AWESOME! Oh Luke Bryan, how I enjoy fawning over you! Being the typical girl that I am, I had been planning for days what I was going to wear to the concert. Insert: sprained ankle. And just like that my carefully planned outfit adorned by new, brown, healed boots went out the window. However, the new scarf that I had been planning on just got re-purposed into the new outfit. This new scarf was my first gift of the day. I am OBSESSED with scarfs; especially the new infinity style ones. You will likely find me wearing a scarf 225 days out of the year. This scarf, however, is special. I made this scarf! I found a tutorial on making scarfs out of old pajama pants (thank you pinterest) and was immediately hooked! I didn’t have an old pair of pj’s that I wanted to use; so I got these cute, green, plaid ones from Walmart for $3. I LOVE the final product and I’m pretty sure I haven’t taken it off since (except maybe to shower). Sorry for the mirror, self-portrait and the messy room in the background, I just really wanted to show off my handy-work!

But alas, that was only the first gift of the day! As you may recall, I was privileged enough to attend the Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, My Kinda Party concert in Champaign that night. Although that was a WONDERFUL gift, it was not one to myself. 🙂 I did however purchase a Luke Bryan tshirt after the show. I’m not typically one for concert shirts; but come on, who can resist that smile!? Well maybe you can’t see it that well in this picture; but trust me, your will is no match for his pearly whites!

Moving on to day six. I actually had some free time to relax on Sunday so I spent it at one of my favorite places: Barnes and Noble. Literally, I could go there and browse around, drinking Starbucks, for hours! And that is exactly what I did-walked in, bought my Venti Iced Tea Unsweetened and browsed my heart out. While that in itself was a treat, the real gift came at the checkout! I made it out with FIVE new books and only spent $3.21! “How!?” you say. Well, I wish I could tell you that I am one of those amazing couponers who gets paid to take things out of the store; but in reality, I had gift cards. So, one Starbucks Tea, 2.5 hours, and $3.21 later, I headed home with my treasure. I know, I know…more books, but still no time for reading. The day will come my friends, the day will come; and I will be prepared! 🙂

Monday night (Day 7) I went to a Pampered Chef party at a good friend’s house! Those of you who know me, know I LOVE to cook! So naturally, I love Pampered Chef. Oddly enough, this was the first actual PC party I had ever been to. I order often, but had never actually been to a party. It was so fun and there was delicious food, cooked right in front of our eyes! If you have never been to one you need to! (And I have just the opportunity for you: March 19 at my house. ;-)) I was pretty good, and resisted the urge to buy the whole catalog. I got myself a much needed new cookie sheet, along with a few other gizmos and gadgets. Plus, my purchase afforded me a FREE margarita mix from their not-even-released-yet Spring line! SCORE!

And finally…Day Eight of Birthday Gifts. I was in somewhat of a panic when I got out of class around 9pm this evening and realized I had yet to treat myself for the day. However, after getting home and settling in, I remembered something that I had reallllly wanted to buy myself a couple months back, but didn’t want to spend the money at the time. The only downside is that I had to order them, thus wait for them to come in. I wish I could have had them in time for this weekend, but I will just have to be patient. I ordered three pairs of boot socks! I know, lame name; but they are SO cute! I first found out about this amazing accessory trend via…you guessed it…pinterest! So I found a few pair on Etsy and longed after them for a couple weeks before deleting them from my cart and moving on with my life. But alas, it is my birthday [month]. So for those of you who have not seen these before, be prepared to be awed. Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for money spent on undeniable urges to purchase boot socks due to my blog.

WOW! Happy Birthday to me x 4! I have been so spoiled…and this weekend it’s only going to get better! So stay tuned!


Day 1, All Over Again.

It is time for my next 30 day adventure. Being that February is my birthday month, I decided to celebrate all month long…so:

30 Birthday Gifts in 30 Days!

Yes, I intend to treat myself 30 times in the next 30 days….I know totally selfish, right!? But I don’t do that often; and I feel like I deserve a little something special..err, 30 somethings special! Besides, my daddy would totally tell me I deserve it! ::big-spoiled-daddy’s-girl-smile::

So, today, I fully intended to treat myself with a day off from working out; but then Kim wanted to do body pump…so I went. (AND THEN SHE DITCHED ME! Just Sayin!) I did weigh in though, and over my 30 days of working out I lost 11.5 pounds and 7% body fat…not too shabby! That’s a good gift right there! I also got a bag full of amazing, organic fruit from my dad!! DELICIOUS…does that count!? Welllllll….I didn’t technically get that for myself…. 🙂

So after much consideration I decided to buy myself a book on my NEW Kindle Fire! No, the kindle wasn’t my gift to myself; I got that from an accumulation of gift cards! But, I just received it a couple weeks ago and literally have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it! So tonight, I bought my first ebook AND learned how to get it onto my Kindle…which was a very confusing process! Thank you Sai from Kindle Live Chat Support!

Don’t make fun….if you know me, you know that I am EPICALLY bad at decision making. It’s true, World’s Worst Decision Maker-It’s something I really need to work on! Anyway, this caught my eye somewhere…most likely pinterest….and I read the first couple pages online. It actually seems really interesting so I’m excited to read it. I know, I know…when do I have time to read!? Well perhaps by the end of the month I will have finished it…or perhaps I’ll gift myself with a ::coughcough:: call in sick day and just read on my porch all day! 😉