Retired….also known as unemployed…but I prefer the former.

Truly, I believe that we have it all backwards. We should be retired when we’re young and work when we’re old. I mean really, what better am I going to have to do when I’m old, might as well work. Now…now I don’t want to work, I want to live!

Ok so maybe my past week+ hasn’t been THAT exciting, but when’s the last time you roller bladed, ice deli-ed…twice, planted a garden (or garden to be), biked, walked with friends, ate-drank-and-sunned at the golf course in the middle of the day, cleared out your DVR, played with fun little kids, grilled out, ran a 5k blinged out in glitter and fake diamonds, went to a Cardinals game, made chocolate pancakes, facebooked-pinterested-and-buzzfed, ate straight out of the ice cream carton, got your hair did, watched a storm roll in, country cruised, did no laundry, and had back to back lunch dates with family…all in a matter of 10 massively unproductive days!? I mean honestly, I could get used to this!! Ya, so maybe I haven’t mastered this ‘work from home’ thing yet…but I’ve always been a procrastinator right!?


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