Numbers 16 & 17

Ok, so I’m a little behind…BUT I’m excited to share that I have officially crossed the FIRST thing off my 30 before 30 list!!

Participate in a murder mystery dinner.

Thanks to my dear friends Kaila and Christian for accompanying my date-less self! 😉 Love you guys! So it wasn’t exactly what I was anticipating but it was a lot of fun. It was at Hill Prairie Winery and the food, wine, and entertainment were all awesome! Triple Threat 🙂

And no, for those of you who know my RULES this did not count towards my go to a winery because each thing must be experienced independent from all other things….I know, I know, who comes up with these rules!? My list….my rules. Deal with it.

But it just so happens that we’ve had a really mild winter and I was afforded the opportunity to visit another out of town winery with my two bestest friends….Emily & Heather. So there you have it…the first TWO things crossed off my list. Go me 🙂


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