December was one of my favorite months…even though you couldn’t tell it based on my lack of updates. This is what motivated me to start my blog in the first place.

30 Acts of Kindness in 30 Days.

There were so many ideas I had for this month I couldn’t have gotten them all in if I tried. But I got 30, and it’s a list that was fun and hopefully brought a little joy to some others.


To name a few…

I went to the grocery store with only the intention of shopping for others. I filled up the cart, checked out, and dumped it all in the donation bin on the way out…plus not having to unload groceries when I got home = great trip!

I put quarters in expired meters downtown. Little things that those parked will probably never even know about that are fun.

Paid for the person behind me in the drive through line at Starbucks.

Put gifts in the toys for tots box.

Gave money to the bell ringers.

Brought coffee to someone who least expected it.

Bought gifts for two little boys on the tree of wishes.

Volunteered at the breadline.

Donated to St. Jude’s

Sent Christmas Cards to troops.

Bought gifts for an old, family-less man in the nursing home.

Donated books to a low-income elementary school library.

Brought in the neighbors garbage cans…seriously it’s the little things.

Wrote a kind letter to a friend in need.

Collected donations for Contact Ministries.

Purchased games and toys for a family who has taken in 7 kids (in addition to their own two) over the past year who would have otherwise ended up without a place to go.


These are just a handful of the things I did in December. I know it is cliche but it feels good to help others. Someday I wish to have more time to donate to agencies and people in need…but for now I feel good about my month.

And now for 2013…


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