So much to be thankful for…

14   Big Comfy Blankets

15   Summer….and spring and fall…especially during the winter I am oh so thankful!

16   Family. Immediate family, the family you only get to see at holidays, the family you wish you spent more time with, the family you’ve lost along the way, the people who have become your family…nothing is more important.

17   Zoos…anyone who knows me knows that I am seriously obsessed with them. I could spend hours upon hours walking around a zoo! Polar bears are probably my favorite, closely followed by giraffes, elephants, zebras, penguins, monkeys…the list goes on.

18   Health

19   Moscato

20   It wouldn’t be fair if I weren’t thankful for my job, my ability to provide for myself, my livelihood…when so many others are without it’s important not to take for granted what we have.

21   Running. It’s a love hate relationship, but it brings me peace most days.

22   Holidays and time off…call me selfish but I LOVE TiME OFF!

23   Surprises.

24   Fried Tacos from Brandy

25   Books…and breaks from school to read them.

26   Vaseline Lip Therapy…seriously it’s magical.

27   Barnes and Noble….my go to for celebration, relaxation, stress relief, fun, well pretty much anything.

28   My Daddy….always, no matter what.

29   Amazing Race, Criminal Minds, Glee, a number of other favorite shows that offer mindless entertainment!

30   School…ya I’m a nerd but I really do love it.


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