So much to be thankful for…

14   Big Comfy Blankets

15   Summer….and spring and fall…especially during the winter I am oh so thankful!

16   Family. Immediate family, the family you only get to see at holidays, the family you wish you spent more time with, the family you’ve lost along the way, the people who have become your family…nothing is more important.

17   Zoos…anyone who knows me knows that I am seriously obsessed with them. I could spend hours upon hours walking around a zoo! Polar bears are probably my favorite, closely followed by giraffes, elephants, zebras, penguins, monkeys…the list goes on.

18   Health

19   Moscato

20   It wouldn’t be fair if I weren’t thankful for my job, my ability to provide for myself, my livelihood…when so many others are without it’s important not to take for granted what we have.

21   Running. It’s a love hate relationship, but it brings me peace most days.

22   Holidays and time off…call me selfish but I LOVE TiME OFF!

23   Surprises.

24   Fried Tacos from Brandy

25   Books…and breaks from school to read them.

26   Vaseline Lip Therapy…seriously it’s magical.

27   Barnes and Noble….my go to for celebration, relaxation, stress relief, fun, well pretty much anything.

28   My Daddy….always, no matter what.

29   Amazing Race, Criminal Minds, Glee, a number of other favorite shows that offer mindless entertainment!

30   School…ya I’m a nerd but I really do love it.


Old Friends

Today, I am thankful for old friends. I have had the opportunity over the past couple days to hang out with ‘an old friend’. It’s nice when you can pick up right where you left off, talk like nothing has changed, and just enjoy each others company. Maybe I should reach out to more old friends…and maybe you should too!


Yes, scarves. I am oh so thankful for scarves! I mean who isn’t!? They are the perfect accessory! Stylish, dress up or dress down, plus warm and cuddle-y! I admit, I am somewhat of a scarfaholic; but truly everyone should have at least one good scarf!

3 Day Weekends

I love three day weekends! I mean really, who doesn’t!? This one has been amazing! I have both gotten a lot accomplished and had a lot of fun! Trivia Night, work, laundry, winery, dinner and drinks with friends, mani-pedi, shopping, paid bills, watched DVR, relaxed, grocery shopping, lots of working out. AND I still have tomorrow off! WONDERFUL!

70 degree Weather in November

This is an obvious one! But anyone in Central Illinois who did not take time to enjoy the weather today and/or yesterday should be ashamed! It has been so beautiful out! Yesterday I ran a 5k after work…outside. And today I biked 10 miles on the new bike path. It was so gorgeous! I am so appreciative of warm days in cold seasons! Unfortunately, just left dreading what’s to come.

Happy Veteran’s Day

Yes, I know I’m a little early on this; but looking forward to my upcoming three day weekend, I was reflecting to what, or whom, I owe thanks. We are all so lucky to live in a nation that is free and offering so much opportunity. We have millions to thank for those opportunities and today, more than most, I thank our troops: past and present. Those who give their lives for the bettering of the nation are the REAL heroes and I hope they are not ever taken for granted. Here’s to you.


Yes, this is perhaps obvious. However, it is nights like tonight, over dinner with friends, that I really appreciate those who are important to me. Without friends, who would any of us be!? I have been through a lot of changes over the past year and have way more than I want to think about on the horizon. But through all those changes, I became  close to a few of the most incredible people I know. So again I ask, where would we be without friends!? Certainly somewhere much worse off than I am today. ❤

Urban Sassafras

This is the CUTEST lil store in downtown! If you haven’t been, Go! Like, now! I’ll be here when you get back…

It is this little boutique made of all things pinterest. Ok, maybe she’s just super talented and creative and doesn’t need pinterest. But it really looks like my pinterest boards came to life in this store. She has everything from furniture to kitchen stuff, jewelry to purses, art, and so so so much more. PLUS, she holds pinterest parties….I’ll let that sink in a moment.

Seriously, check out her website or facebook and then check out the store in real life. It will blow your mind! I somehow managed to limit myself to these two amazing goodies:


My New Bracelet & Hair Pin

Numbers 5 & 6

Number 5:

Maybe this would have been more appropriate at number 4….but I am so very thankful for Yadier Molina. Ok, really I’m thankful for Cardinal Baseball; but obviously he is my #1. They are soon to announce this year’s platinum glove recipient, who clearly should be Yadi. There truly is no better all around catcher in the MLB. Ok, stepping down from soapbox. Back to Cardinal Baseball. America’s sport, America’s team my friends! There is nothing I look forward to more than baseball season!
Number 6:

My Boo. So yes, she’s my dog; but also pry my BFF. She cuddles me when I’m sad, runs with me whenever I want, misses me while I’m gone and greets me when I return. I love you Boo and am ever so thankful you’re in my life! 🙂

Lazy Daisy

I am ever so thankful for a lazy Sunday. I don’t often get days when I don’t have anything I HAVE to do. But today was one of those days and I enjoyed it to the fullest! I watched numerous episodes of Drop Dead Diva, The Capture of the Green River Killer (A really interesting 4 hour Lifetime Movie, based on the true story of a guy who murdered 71 women), the newest Amazing Race and today’s Dr. Drew Rehab. I also at potato soup…for lunch and dinner…and baked cookies. Literally, I was that pathetic all day today!
Thankful for this lazy day of no responsibilities.