Finally time for a sweet summer road trip to my Soul City…St. Louis. I love you St. Louis. And you my loyal reader, get a whole weeks worth of days in one post thanks to my getaway. Starting with my passenger seat. As you can see I’m all ready for a relaxing week ahead: my book, tea and strawberries. Add a lil country music and I’m road ready!

First stop: Busch Stadium. Heaven on Earth. I was lucky enough to be there for LaRussa’s Retirement Ceremony. Amazing.

Such an incredible night! ❤

After an amazing night at the ball park, I went for a run in Forest Park, shopping at my favorite Trader Joe’s and…the Zoo. I LOVE zoo’s! Visiting the top 5 Zoo’s in the nation is totally on my bucket list. In the meantime, the St. Louis Zoo is one of my all time favs…lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!

The next morning, I stopped at City Garden. I love these fountains that come spraying up out of the ground, especially at night with bright colors coming out of the water. It’s refreshing to see all the little kids laughing and screaming running through the water. It reminds me of one of those slow motion moments in the movies, where you have to take time to savor everything right in the world…like happy children and bright sunny days.

Later that day, I went to the St. Louis Arch. I’ve been there plenty of times in the past but it’s still breathtaking. It represents happiness to me. And this is a great picture if I do say so myself. Two in one day? Ya, but so worth it.

This next one is from Dinner the following night. I love calamari. Which is strange if you know me, because I rather hate seafood. But I could eat Calamari until my stomach exploded. Admittedly the full out squids are a little hard for me to swallow (no pun intended) but lil calamari rings….mmmm! 🙂


Finally, a perfect vacation, complete with another Cardinal Baseball game. With an amazing person.

Me and B-Randy rooting for the good guys on a cool, perfect baseball night. ::sigh:: Until next time STL…


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