I <3 Puzzles!

I am a nerd. If you haven’t realized that by now….well, you haven’t been paying very much attention. So along with official nerd status comes a thorough enjoyment of puzzling. 🙂 This is the biggest one I have ever done. It’s 1000 pieces and even more intimidating than it looks in the picture. It’s just over 3 feet x 1 foot…if that’s hard for you to picture, imagine this: that’s my full-size dining room table it’s sitting on. When I finish, I want to glue it and frame it. It’s a really cool message called “The Art of Life” (which makes it way difficult by the way because every piece is white with black lines that somehow fit together to make letters):
“Life. Find A Passion and Pursue It. Fall in Love. Dream Big. Drink Wine, Eat Great Food and Spend Quality Time with Good Friends. Laugh Everyday. Believe in Magic. Tell Stories. Reminisce about the Good Old Days but Look with Optimism to the Future. Travel Often. Learn More. Be Creative. Spend time with People you Admire. Seize Opportunities when they Reveal Themselves. Love with all your Heart. Never Give Up. Do what you Love. Be True to Who You Are. Make Time to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life. Spend Time with Family. Forgive even when it’s hard. Smile Often. Be Grateful. Be the Change You Wish to See in the World. Follow your Dreams. Try new things. Work Hard. Don’t count the minutes count the laughs. Embrace Change. Trust in Yourself. Be Thankful. Be nice to everyone. Be Happy. Live for Today. And Above All…Make Every Moment Count.”


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