Diapers and Drafts

This weekend brought a baby shower for a co-worker and good friend of mine. In an attempt to secure his manhood we made it a manly themed shower: Diapers and Drafts; in which we all got together at a bar, drank, and brought diapers+. Naturally, I was in charge of cupcakes so I made vanilla bean cupcakes with a strawberry cream cheese icing in honor of their little girl to come and in keeping with the theme a chocolate guinness cupcake. The vanilla bean ones were just a traditional vanilla cupcake recipe to which I added the seeds of a whole vanilla bean. The icing was just 8 oz cream cheese and a half cup butter creamed; mix in 4 cups powdered sugar (1 cup at a time); and then strawberry preserves 1 tbsp at a time until desired flavor is reached.

The chocolate guinness were a huge hit! The recipe is a top secret family recipe but just so you get the idea: chocolate and guinness cake, filled with chocolate ganache, and topped with a chocolate guinness buttercream and crispy bacon. If you’re currently scratching your head at the bacon…trust me! Chocolate + Bacon is awe inspiring! The saltiness of the bacon with the sweet creaminess of the chocolate…it’s as good a match as PB & J.


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