Smores and Pancakes

Day 5 was Smore’s cupcakes. Basic chocolate cupcake, marshmallow cream filling and marshmallow vanilla icing with a graham cracker topper.


Day 6 was Breakfast club day. A few of us from work get together every month fr Breakfast on a Friday. Someone cooks and everyone else eats. It was my turn to cook and in spirit of cupcakes I made pancake cupcakes with the standard eggs, sausage, etc. I literally just mixed up regular pancakes (with bisquick-my FAVORITE!) and poured them into cupcake tins. I put a scoop of  cream cheese in half of them for a little extra fun. Topped them with strawberry syrup and a lil powdered sugar. They actually turned out really good and were super easy. Perfect for anyone out there with little ones!


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