Yadi, My Yadi

Well for those of you who know me, you may know I’m married. Ok, so maybe it’s in that creepy-fantasy-I-dream-about-being-married-to-you-guy-who-doesn’t-even-know-me way, but nonetheless married. To whom you ask? The one and only, Yadier Molina. ::SIGH::  He is so dreamy! Plus, he’s hands down the best defensive catcher in the major leagues and he wears Cardinal Red. Dream man? Yes! No but really, he waved at me once…check it out:

My amazing friend Grace got Commissioner’s Box seats once and took me with her (have I told you how much I love her? Oh ya, see day 5). So naturally when Yadi got on first in the 3rd inning I was calling out to him…ok maybe a lot and loud…and finally he was no longer able to contain himself. He laughed, looked right at me and waved! ::BIGGERSIGH:: I could have died and died a happy woman with a complete life.

So it seemed only fitting to send my husband a card. He will probably never read it; but yes, I sent Yadier Molina a card.


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