My Favorite Couple in the Whole Wide World

Oh, Joe and Brandy. Where to even start….let me tell you that Joe and Brandy are fo sho the two coolest people I know. AND they love TwistNSwirlz as much as I do, so we have frequent TwistNSwirlz dates ((though, not frequent enough…hint, hint!))  I met Joe when I started working at my current job and he eventually I got to meet his AWESOME fiancé, Brandy. We were instant BFFs, at least in my opinion lol. Joe and I like to share baked goodies, which is awesome! Plus, they are Cardinals fans…’nuff said!

These two love birds are getting married in June and I can’t wait to share their special day with them! They are so cool, they got a fun, homemade with love by KRibley card! It was Carebears because I love Carebears and so does Joe, “the man’s man”, even if he won’t admit it!

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