Good Times, Great Friends

Today I sent a card to my friend Rita. I have been best friend with this girl FOR. EV. ER! Her dad and my dad were best friends, her mom and my mom were best friends and she and I were definitely best friends.  I still remember the first day we all met. It was a family picnic from the agency our dad’s worked for out at Lake Springfield. And it was pouring. Rita and I were four and we had the BEST time playing “kick ball” or some version of it in the mud and rain. We had a BLAST and were BFFs ever since!

We basically grew up together; she had an older brother mark, so Mark, Rita, myself and Allie were like siblings! One year the eight of us rented and RV and drove to the Florida Keys. It was one of the best vacations of my life; I will never forget all the fun we had. The birth of the Double Decker PBJ was on that vaca, and clearly my life would never be the same without the DDPBJ! I was also introduced to Ace of Base on that trip…yes, I admit Ace of Base was my first ever tape cassette! Haha

I remember when Rita and I were younger we always wanted to grow up to be detectives. We would run around with these little notepads writing down anything suspicious that we saw. We would write down license plate numbers from every car we saw, descriptions of people, etc. I think we even made detective badges and fake business cards. Oh, good times!

As many different things we did together, I think one of our favorite pastimes was picking on Allie. We had a code word, “I.A.” standing for Ignore Allie, and whenever she was getting annoying (which in our opinion was basically anytime she was ever around) someone would just say “I.A.” and it was instantly like she wasn’t even there. We even told her that Rita’s parents kept dead bodies in the closet in the basement so that she wouldn’t come down there when we were hanging out down there.  LOL. We were pretty mean. ❤

Anyway, as happens when you ‘grow up’ we’ve grown apart some; but Rita will hands down forever and ever be my best friend (even if she does up and move to Washington! :)) I hope the card made her smile half as much as writing about memories like this makes me smile!

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