Birthday Girl

Sam loves Criminal Minds, she loves the Cardinals, she likes Tom Petty, she’s addicted to Victoria’s Secret and she hates peas….so basically we have the same soul. 🙂 And this girl makes me laugh like no other, especially when you get her and Kim together (see day 23).  She got a fun card on her birthday. I actually completely forgot to sign it and seal it and everything. I grabbed it when I left the house the morning of her birthday with intentions to sign it and everything when I got to work; but it completely slipped my mind. So I hand her the card and she starts cracking up laughing…now it was a funny card, but not that funny. So I’m giving her my what-are-you-laughing-about look (she gets that one often) and then I realize I forgot to sign the card, seal the envelope, and address the card to her. OOPS 🙂 Nonetheless, wishing you a VERY, happy birthday Sam!

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