Lisa was my best friend during high school. I mean we were the epitome of best friends. We spent every waking moment together. Literally, we rode to school together, took classes together, did the same extracurriculars, worked together, went home and did homework together…half the time I wouldn’t ever go home. She was like family to me. The best friend I ever have or ever will have! There so many stories I could tell you about this girl. From all nighters making warm fuzzies, to watching topless boys mow lawns next door. From road trips to our favorite STL and getting pulled over on the way home, to getting pulled over on the way to graduation (apparently that was a trend!?) We won “best friends” in our yearbook senior year. You would have thought we were twins; most people thought we looked alike anyway (teachers called us by each other’s names ALL. THE. TIME.), but we wore matching shirts and matching hats—ya we were that cool! I love that girl and forever and forever she will be the best friend I’ve ever had!

I sent a fun singing card to Lisa and all her beautiful kids saying Hi and sending a smile! 🙂

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