Girl’s Night Out

I work in a very close quarters kinda job. There are just four of us and up until about a month ago it had been the same four of us girls for over a year. Now to say we fight like sisters might be putting it lightly but we also care for each other like sisters. Those girls are all amazing and I love them dearly. One of them got a promotion and had to leave our lil home sweet home and we all more than miss her like crazy!! We were in serious need of a gir’ls night so I sent her a card letting her know how much I care about her and how much I miss her awesome self. And I begged her for a girl’s night pronto! Well it worked; so the following week we all went out for karaoke night at Applebee’s! 🙂 While we didn’t partake in karaoke, we had a great time drinking wine and girl-talking!

And I’d say we’re about due for another girl’s night out!!

Comment Me :-)

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