Scentsy, Cardinals, FroYo…what more could you ask for!?

Day 7 I sent a ‘Have-A-Fabulous-Day-and-I-Miss-You’ kind of card to Candace and her son Logan. I met Candace at a Scentsy party (she was the consultant) and I decided to have a party. Then, I decided to sell Scentsy and we have been friends ever since. We have done a ton of events together and I’ve gotten to know her pretty well. She’s a cardinals fan, she obviously love scentsy, she goes to this frozen yogurt place in JVille called the Frozen Penguin (which I really want to check out sometime!), she loves pinterest, she likes country music AND Adelle….we’re basically the same person! **Except she’s way more organized, mature and crafty than I!**

And she has the cutest little boy in the world…Logan. ((Who I would be happy to bbsit anytime btw!)) He is so stinking adorable you just can’t help but love this kid. And he loves the Cardinals too. Last year when I was talking to him he couldn’t decide if Pujols or Yadi was his favorite…looks like this year, we’ll be sharing favorites! 🙂

Unfortunately, I have been so busy I haven’t been doing much with Scentsy so I haven’t seen Candace or Logan in a very long time and I miss their smiling faces!

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