Cheap toothpaste is the way to go!

Today was Emily’s birthday. Happy Birthday Emily! That’s what her card said too. I tried to find a card with a toothpaste superhero on the front, but to no avail. At my place of employment, we have an employee spotlight on our intranet that highlights two employees each month. It answers all of life’s important questions like music/movie of choice, surest way to bribe him/her, and favorite toothpaste. It was a sunny spring month last year that we learned of the great divide between Emily and my toothpaste preferences. You see, I’m a whatever is on sale as long as it is something different than last time type. Emily, well she is very loyal to her toothpaste brand and wouldn’t dream of ever switching it up. So, you can imagine her dismay when I told her that I often have two different toothpastes at any given time, because I easily get bored and find the need to switch it up. This was quite the topic of conversation for Emily and I; we even had to poll various co-workers to determine who was right. Though we didn’t come to an agreement, we found something fun to bicker over for some time. Emily is an awesome person (even if she does suffer from toothpaste monotony). She is one of those super sweet people that would help anyone with anything; and she is someone I know I can always go to for advice! To a more than deserving person goes card number 6. I hope she had a birthday as bright as the days she brings to others!

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