Spice of Life

Today was the day of the Illinois Food Products Expo. Which is [probably] one of my top five favorite events in Springfield every year. One of the most important reasons I go to the expo is for the ‘Salt of the Sea-Mediterranean Blend’ from the Spice of Life company out of Decatur. This stuff is incredibly delicious! I buy some every year and use it sparingly as to last me for the year. So what do you do with this magic spice you ask…tomatoes. Literally, this stuff makes tomatoes taste better than cupcakes; which is exactly what I told them in their card. Surprisingly, there is no card that says “your spices make my world go ’round”; so, I found a card with a cute cupcake on it that read “thank you for making my tomatoes taste better than cupcakes” (ok so it was blank on the inside, I added that part myself). Bottom line, this stuff is amazing! Do yourself a favor and buy some from here.

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