My Gracie Lou

Day 5, I sent a card to one of my very best friends. This girl has been here for me through more than I could ever begin to explain. I met Grace at snowball and forever am I thankful for being talked into going to that crazy lock-in because I met more life long friends than a person could ask for. Grace is the number one example of this. I wish I had more words to describe Grace and I, but I’m pretty sure we are just soul mates. She gets me. She puts up with me. She makes me laugh. Grace is this amazing, sunshine-y person who also has this sassy, pistol side to her. She (for reasons unbeknownst to me) decided to join the military; since she has traveled near and far and I rarely get to see her. But every time I do, it’s like no time was lost. Plus, I was able to talk some sense into her and brought her to the bright side. I converted her from a cubs fan to a Cards Fan. She will forever be indebted to me, but I’ll never hold it over her head. It’s that bond we have. 🙂  And no her middle name is not Lou, but she’s forever my Gracie Lou.

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