Day 18 & 19


Yesterday (Day 18) I bought myself two phone covers. I go back and forth about liking covers on my phone. The phone I have is pretty big, but its redeeming quality is that it is really thin; however, putting a cover on it makes it really big and bulky.  I like the covers and I think it adds a level of protection that my clumsiness will benefit from; but it drives me nuts when the phone won’t fit in my pocket! So anyhow, I bought two super cute ones and am hoping that how much I like them will override how frustrated I get with their size. They are super cute though! The Cardinals one is the one I have on right now! And while I’m on it, pitchers and catchers reported today! Yes, my dear husband Yadi is spending his days in gorgeous Jupiter, Florida. Sigh. Meanwhile, I can’t wait for baseball season to start! It’s getting closer…woot woot!

Today, I went to the mall to get myself some new jeans! I have been wearing the same one pair everyday for a couple months now, so I figured it was time for a second option. Let me note that I HATE clothes shopping; especially for jeans! So I wasn’t overly thrilled for shopping, but was excited for new jeans. Well, my jeans trip turned into a shopping spree. I ended with 5 bags and a snickerdoodle cookie (who can go to the mall and not stop at The Cookie Factory!?)! Oops. But I will say it made my dreaded shopping trip a little more fun! Final product: 1 pair of American Eagle artist jeans; 1 pair of dark denim, trouser style jeans from Express; a super-cute white, 3/4 length sleeve, cowl neck shirt also from express; a white and a baby blue, pink brand racerback tank from Victoria’s Secret; an insanely soft, nice, purple tee from Limited (40% off!); and laundry detergent and softening dryer sheets from Victoria’s Secret. I know you’re probably thinking laundry detergent from Victoria’s Secret!? Trust me, it smells INCREDIBLE! I love using it on my sheets and comforter; it makes snuggling up at night even better! Eight ‘gifts’ and a cookie later…I would say day 19 was a success!

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