The final day…

Well here it is, the big 3-0. Overall it went by really fast! and I have to be honest I was really looking forward to taking a day off tomorrow! Enter Kim: “Hey, I’m gunna go to body pump tomorrow! Me: “Oh! I’ll go!!” ::smacksforehead:: It was supposed to be a much deserved day off!! Ah, well…I like body pump!

But back to today….I was hoping for something super exciting; but for those of you who haven’t noticed yet, ‘super exciting’ is not in my repertoire. My dearest lil sis recommended I download this ‘workout trainer’ ap for my phone and do something off of that. So I did. It is a good ap for someone who is looking for a little variety in their workout. I just downloaded the free version, if you were wanting to pay for the ‘pro’ version it really could be like a personal trainer in your pocket (or as close as you can get). But for my purposes free was good! It had a number of workouts you could scroll through until you found what you were looking for and then it would talk you through it. The one I decided on was ‘The Energizer Body’ and it looked like this:

2 rounds of:

1:00 Wacky Jacks

1:00 Side Shuffle

1:00 Squat Pulses

0:30 Rest

2 rounds of:

1:00 Diamond Crunches

0:20 Rest

1:00 Tricep Dips

0:20 Rest

1:00 Kneeling Diamond Push Ups

0:20 Rest

0:30 Hollow Body Holds

0:30 Rest

1 Round of:

1:00 Squat Hops with 1/4 turn

0:30 Rest

1:00 Squat Hops with 1/2 turn

0:30 Rest

1 Round of:

1:00 Lying Torso Twist

1:00 Floor Knee to Chest Stretch

1:00 Cat Cow

1:00 Child’s Pose

As much as I wanted to, I didn’t forget my 30 burpees. I’ll tell you this, I will NOT miss those! And no chance I’m making it to 100!! I signed up for the 100 mile challenge at school with a few friends of mine so workouts will not become obsolete; however, I’m looking forward to a day off here and there…specifically Tuesdays! Hope everyone had as good a Monday as I did!! See you tomorrow for a BRAND NEW 30 days!! 🙂

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