Days 21 & 22

Only 8 days left!! Can’t believe I’m in single digits! ((insert panic attack here: I have no idea what to do for the next 30 days!?))

Yesterday was an ‘easy’ day…and by that I mean no cardio. I did an old Slim in 6 video, which I don’t understand by the way because there aren’t 6 workouts….they aren’t 6 minutes long….so why “Slim in 6”? Hm…anyhow. I did Slim & 6 Pack. Ok, so I told you it was an old video. Don’t laugh at the 90’s feel of it. The moves were all pretty easy, however they were sequenced very well. You have to keep your abs engaged throughout the entire video so I really did feel as though I got a good ab workout by the end of it! Oh yes and never forgetting again….my 21 burpees.

Today I did a couple stability ball workouts. I just found what I could on Youtube…


On the second one I just paused it after he demonstrated each move and did 15 of each. Admittedly it was another semi-easy day, without cardio. I did my 22 burpees though and am ready to get back into a hard one tomorrow….

I still have a few specific workouts I’ve been wanting to do from the beginning! With my time winding down I better figure out when I’m going to get some of them in: rock climbing, body pump, Crossfit (if I weren’t such a baby), kickboxing…and I really want to find a good kettlebell workout!


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