On the 12th day of workouts…

Today was a lighter day…I laid in bed a little late debating on working out at home or braving the dreaded snow finally bestowed upon us. While avoiding the roads and the windchill sounded delightful, I wanted to get in a little cardio so I decided to suck it up. Unfortunately, due to the time it took me to make my decision, by the time I got myself ready to go a little cardio was about all I could afford. I did a quick mile and a half on the elliptical (ranging resistance between 5-10), 50 squats and 40 lunges, stretched it out and called it a day. Just got home from work and knocked out my 12 burpees, which by the way 78 burpees in 12 days and I’m pretty sure I’m getting NO better at them! Sorry for the short post. Short workout. 🙂 I’m off to make a zone-ified dinner and snuggle up for a long overdue date with my DVR. Have I mentioned, I hate winter?!

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