Day 2

So I started day two verrry excited! I found this way fun looking treadmill workout on Pinterest that I couldn’t wait to try out! So I drag my trusty ole treadmill out of the back room (which was no small feat mind you), lace up my shoes, plug ‘er in, and get to moving. ::screechinghalt:: The treadmill doesn’t move. Straight up doesn’t work! 😦 Completely bummed! So I decided to put off my treadmill workout for another day. Instead, I combined 3 other workouts (also found on Pinterest :)) and focused on a little toning rather than cardio. Looked a lil like this:

First I did one rep of each of the plank workouts in picture one.  This is a workout in itself and it is no joke! I really wanted to be finished after the first time through just the plank exercises! If I add this in to another workout I’m definitely going to do it at the end rather than the beginning! I had to work really hard on keeping my supporting hand right under my shoulder; I kept wanting to make it easier by sliding my hand forward. Other than that, it definitely got my blood pumping. After that, I did 10 reps on each leg of the next 5 exercises. This was a little break from the initial planks, but concentrating on engaging your leg muscles and keeping your core tight allows you to really feel it! Next, I did the last nine pictures. I did 15 reps of the arms in number 1; 20 reps of crunches (10 per leg); 15 dead lifts; 15 tricep kick backs; 20 ‘tummy shrinkers’ in number 5 (10 per side); 10 shoulder presses; 10 sets of three lunges (front + side + back = 1 rep); 20 ‘bun firmers’ in number 8 (10 per side); and 20 ‘love-handle blasters’ (10 per side. Oh yeah, then I did the whole thing from beginning to end a second time through. It was a good workout and I’m certain I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! Who am I kidding, my butt is hurting even now, 30 minutes later as I’m sitting here typing. But that’s ok, I’m looking forward to getting my cardio in tomorrow!

Don’t worry, I ended the whole thing with my 2 burpees (I know, you thought I forgot!). Looking forward to day 3!

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